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Everything we own steers itself. Listings by A.M. Best Disclaimer Frahm has only nine employees, each well-versed in those technical aspects. Replacing a worker would mostly require teaching him how to master the technology. But at age 59, Frahm has been thinking, What happens when I cant walk through the door? Managing key-employee risk is crucial for any businesss survival, especially small ones. Its a huge risk, says Wayne Rivers, president of the Family Business Institute, a consulting firm in Raleigh, N.C. If youve got 10 people, and one persons out, your workforce is down 10 percent, and if its a key person, your productivity could be down 50 percent or more. One way to address the risk is to take out life insurance on critical employees. Benefits on such policies are paid to the business, not the employee. The funds can be used to pay an executive search firm to find a replacement for the deceased employee, keep the business afloat in the interim, and, in the case of an owners death, pay estate taxes on the business. But insurance has its limits. The problem with key-man insurance is it only covers somebody dropping dead, Rivers says. What if youre running a small business, and youve got a right-hand person whos really a go-getter, and that person decides to leave and go work for the competition? Rivers says that to find and train a replacement, businesses need to draft standard operating procedures, or SOPs, detailing what each essential employee does. Lets say your key person is your No. 1 sales guy, he says. Someone had better be documenting how he goes about prospecting, nurturing leads, and converting them into sales. Or if the person is your chief financial officer, you need to document what her SOPs arewhat she does every day, week, month, quarter.

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