RELATED: San Diego's new minimum wage already may be killing jobs Andy Hall, vice president and chief program officer at San Diego Workforce Partnership, said the problem goes beyond just taking a few years off. Data shows those without some education after high school will see a reduction in their lifetime earning potential. Hall, 28, said it isnt good for San Diego Countys economy to have people out of work either. At the same time there are 43,210 disconnected youth, not working, not in school, not gaining skills in any way, he said. Employers are knocking on our doors every day saying they cant find enough talent. Data shows the poorest neighborhoods have the most youths not working or in school. The worst place is Vista, with 18.6 percent of disconnected youths, followed by Fallbrook/Alpine (18 percent), Lemon Grove/Spring Valley (17.2 percent) and East Escondido (15.5 percent). East San Diego County had the highest number of youths not working and not in school at 13 percent in 2015, followed by South County at 11.6 percent. The wealthier parts of the county had better rates with central San Diego at 7.2 percent and 10.2 percent in North County. The average age for a nonworking person not in school in San Diego County is 20 years, according to U.S. Census data, which was analyzed by the Workforce Partnership, and is slightly more likely to be a woman (1 percent). Eighteen percent of disconnected youth in the county have less than a high school education, 35.5 percent are looking for work and 25.6 percent are women with children. (About 69.1 percent have health insurance.) When broken down by ethnicity, Asians are least likely to be without school or a job (6.3 percent). They were followed by whites (9.6 percent), Latinos (12.9 percent) and African-Americans (17.1 percent). RELATED: Will a rising minimum wage promote more spending to make up for lost jobs? Carlos Cortez, the president of San Diego Continuing Education, said at the summit that helping young adults early in life can mean stopping all sorts of trouble like jail or even death. The most important factor in the work we are doing is the individual, personal human connections with these young adults, he said. When youve experienced the trauma that these individuals have experienced, theyve lost their childhood. Several young adults that struggled shared their stories at the summit, and through different outreach groups, have managed to find employment or enroll in schools. Mia Fletcher, 22, who grew up in Palm Springs and Imperial Beach, started life in a troubled family and was bullied throughout high school. She said she quickly went to college after high school but dropped out because of a domestic violence situation and later became a drug addict, putting her dream of college on hold. After completing a Job Corps program, she is now going back to school with the aim of becoming a neurologist. Jessica Rivera, 17, who also spent most of her youth in City Heights, said she started acting out when her single mother broke up with a long-term boyfriend.

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