Single family mortgage renewals amounted to $1.1 billion , up from $929 million a year ago on more renewal opportunities. Commercial segment originations increased 7% to $945 million from $886 million in the same period of 2016, while commercial mortgage renewals amounted to $332 million , up 50% from $162 million a year ago. The Company originated and renewed for securitization purposes $1.7 billion of mortgages in the first quarter in order to take advantage of the Company's capital resources. Revenue increased 1% to $232.2 million from $231.4 million in the first quarter of 2016 primarily due to a 2% increase in interest on securitized mortgages ( $37.2 million compared to $36.6 million a year ago), a 6% increase in mortgage servicing income ( $30.2 million compared to $28.5 million ) and a 3% increase in gains on deferred placement fees ( $3.7 million compared to $3.6 million ). These increases were partially offset by a 24% decrease in placement fees ( $26.6 million compared to $36.6 million a year ago) as a result of the Company's decision to allocate more of its originations to its securitization business. The securitized mortgage portfolio amounted to $26 billion compared to $25 billion at March 31, 2016 . Income before income taxes was $49.2 million , down from $50.7 million in the first quarter of 2016 largely due to lower placement fees earned because of lower volumes allocated to institutional funding partners. Also, the Company recorded a $2.7 million loss on financial instruments in the first quarter of 2017 compared to a loss of $3.7 million on financial instruments in the first quarter a year ago. While these losses reduced net income in both quarters, the gross spread on the related portfolio of securitized mortgages will be proportionately wider going forward. Read More The Company's Pre-FMV EBITDA(1) decreased 7% to $53.1 million from $56.8 million in the first quarter a year ago due to lower placement fees. Dividends The Board declared common share dividends in the first two months of 2017 based on an annualized rate of $1.70 per share.

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