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There are limitations, for now, with machine-based underwriting. The machine learning is used where it can come to a confident decision based on the data inputs and underwriting rules it receives. For more complex cases, or until it has learned from enough scenarios, the machine is programmed to know when the analysis should be handed off to a human for a more thorough review. When a manual review is required, the machine can narrow down the details in a structured manner to enable the underwriter to focus specifically on whats of interest. Data: The foundation of life insurance To understand machine learning in life insurance, you must consider the data needed to make a decision on coverage and confirm its correct. This is one of the most complex data sets to analyze and iterate from because it takes up to 30 years to see the result of an underwriting decision. There are two main categories of data used for machine learning in life insurance: applicant information and external data sources. Valuable insights about a customer are gained in the application process. This is where machine learning is used to compare a persons health history, lifestyle choices, occupations, and their subsequent risk to similar life insurance buyers. To create a clear comparison, the model needs a history of underwriting decisions and what the outcomes were, third-party data sets, andunderwriting rules to follow. For example, ouralgorithmic underwriting platform uses rules from 15 years of historical data and about 1 million applicants. These insights, combined with industry standard third-party data sources and applicant information, is how the model can come to a decision. You might be thinking, With daily activity, social and various other data sets available, why not explore new data sources? The answer: More data is not always a good thing, from both the customer and the technologys standpoint. If youre asking for more data from a customer, then you must be providing more value for the information they are handing over. You also must ensure to ethically collect, analyze, and dispose of that data. From the machines standpoint, too many data points with too few example scenarios can create too many variables for the machine to successfully determine what is significant. The key is balancing the want for more data with increased precision and value. Where we go from here As more companies seek to deploy AI technologies, the focus should be customer value, first and foremost. If utilized correctly, machine learning can lessen the need to collect data in favor of only asking questions that are needed to determine mortality and ultimately come to a decision. Although it might not be practical (yet) to order life insurance through Alexa, the idea of a fully machine-powered process for financially protecting your loved ones may not be that far away.

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